For applications submitted after 1 March

Here is a link to the application form for those applying to Danielsen after 1 March. The application cannot be processed until the last week before the start of term.

Practical training as part of the Health Work program


  • Special assessment: 1 February
  • Ordinary admission: 1 March

Pupils wishing to apply for admission to Danielsen Videregående Skole must apply through the VIGO website ( (the county municipal admission system for upper secondary schools). Admission applications can be submitted from the first half of January.

To make sure you receive an offer of admission to Danielsen Videregående Skole – if your grades are satisfactory – you must have the school as your first priority on the list of schools.

Necessary Norwegian skills

All teaching at Danielsen VGS takes place in Norwegian, and pupils should be able to follow the teaching and write in Norwegian. If Norwegian skills are insufficient, pupils are recommended to gain basic Norwegian language skills before starting upper secondary school. It is also possible to apply for the ‘Introductory
Course for minority language pupils’ organised by Hordaland County Authority

Applicants must provide documentation of having completed Norwegian lower secondary school or the equivalent education in order to apply for admission to Danielsen.

About the application

The basis for admission is the grades on your diploma from year 10, and applicants are ranked according to points that are calculated in the same manner as for public schools.

Applicants from lower secondary schools that are part of the Egill Danielsen Stiftelsen that prioritise Danielsen Videregående Skole, are given four additional points.

Applicants for upper secondary level 2 (VG2) that have taken level 1 (VG1) at a different school, are admitted on the basis of their grades from VG1, and, in the same way, to level 3 (VG3) on the basis of their grades from VG1 and VG2. Places are allocated in the first half of July at The applicant must state whether they accept the offer on VIGO. Applicants that have received an offer will also receive information and a contract that must be returned to the school.

Applicants that did not apply on VIGO by the deadline on 1 March can notify the school directly that they wish to apply. These applicants will be evaluated in August before the start of term if there are vacant places left. Contact the school for more information.

Information will be sent in a letter with an offer to apply for the Christian Sports Contact (KRIK) specialisation and the Research Programme after the applicant has been admitted to the school.

Trial Day?

Do you want to experience school life at Danielsen Videregående Skole? Contact us for a trial day!