General Studies

General Studies Program

Danielsen Videregående Skole offers General Studies programmes at levels VG1, VG2 and VG3.

In the General Studies programme area, you can choose to take the common core subjects, or choose one of our special study programmes: the Research Programme focusing on natural sciences and mathematics or the KRIK specialisation in recreational sports.

Supplementary Studies

You can also take a supplementary course to obtain general university and college admission certification after two years of vocational studies. Read more about Health, Childhood and Youth Development here.

A Range of different Programs

The school has five General Studies forms for each level. In this way, we are able to offer the students a comprehensive and varied range of program subjects.

Sister Schools in the US

Every year, up to 30 Danielsen students go to the United States to spend their VG2 year at one of our sister schools. Danielsen Videregående Skole collaborates with two schools in the United States:

Hillcrest Lutheran Academy
Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy

Research Program

The Research Programme encourages pupils to show an interest in natural sciences
through exciting research projects and a good learning environment. The programme subject technology and theory of research in VG1 focuses on theory of research and explorative work methods. The research pupils go on a study trip to Odda in VG1 and other local excursions.

KRIK specialisation

The KRIK specialisation is an in-depth specialisation within the programme subject recreational sports in VG1. A good community and learning environment is created through many excursions and physical activity.

Mathematics R1 during VG1

The school offers the course Mathematics R1 at level VG1 for students who have completed Mathematics 1T during lower secondary school. This implies that a student can take Mathematics R2 during their VG2 year, and thus finish this course one year early. They are then free to study other subjects in more depth during their VG3 year, and perhaps take University courses in collaboration with the University of Bergen.

Program AreaProgram Subjects VG2Program Subjects VG3
NATURAL SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICSPhysics 1, Chemistry 1, Biology 1, Technology and Theory of Research 1/X, Mathematics R1, Mathematics S1, Mathematics (X)Physics 2, Chemistry 2, Biology 2, Technology and Theory of Research 2, Mathematics R2, Mathematics S2,
LANGUAGES, SOCIAL SCIENCES AND ECONOMICSEnglish, Foreign languages I (German, French, Spanish), History and Philosophy 1, Law 1, Marketing and Management 1, Sociology and Social Anthropology, Psychology 1, Entrepreneurship and Business Development 1English Literature and Culture, English for the Social Sciences, Foreign Languages III (German, French, Spanish), (Spanish II), Law 2, Marketing and Management 2, Politics and Human Rights, Social Sciences, Psychology 2, Entrepreneurship and Business Development 2