School Fees

School Fees for the School Year 2019-2020

Danielsen Videregående Skole receives financial support from the state to cover 85 percent of approved operating costs. This subsidy is not meant to cover all operating costs. According to the Private Education Act, the remaining 15 percent must be covered by tuition fees.

Tuition fees consist of two parts: The main part constitutes NOK 15,000 per student for the school year 2020-21, and this includes mandatory rental of an Apple Mac computer. After having attended three years of General Studies or two years of Healthcare, Childhood and Youth Development studies, students are allowed to keep their Apple Mac computer when finishing school. Those who follow the General Studies programme at Danielsen Videregående Skole for one or two years, must return their Apple Mac computer when they finish school.

20% of tuition fees are paid in advance when registering. The rest is paid in 8 monthly instalments, from October to May.

The remainder, activities fees, constitute between NOK 700 and 1000 per year. Activity fees are used for school trips, activity days, skiing trips, social trips (VG1) and other activities. Activity fees will be collected as the need arises. Some years, the students are also given the opportunity to travel abroad to learn languages or for workplace training. The cost of these trips varies, depending on programme area and programme subject.

Sibling Discount

If more than one sibling from the same family attend primary, lower secondary or upper secondary schools owned by the Egill Danielsen Foundation, at the same time, the students are offered a sibling discount on tuition fees.
The discount is 0% for the first child, 10% for each child if two children attend Danielsen schools, 16.67% for each child if three children attend Danielsen schools and 20% for each child if four children attend Danielsen schools.

The family must inform the school about eligibility for sibling discount using a form which will be distributed after the start of the school year.

Grants and loans

Students at Danielsen Videregående Skole can apply for grants and loans from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund, on the same terms as students at public upper secondary schools. Please use the application form at the website of the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund. Applications can be submitted when a student is offered and has accepted admission, and the advance tuition fees have been paid.

Travel Expenses

Students at Danielsen living in Hordaland County, can purchase the 30-day Youth Ticket, on the same terms as students at public schools.