Dates and places

  • Students with special needs: 1 February
  • Regular admission: 1 March

Applications are sent directly to the school (not via VIGO), either electronically or by post. Use the application form in the link on the left hand side.  While there are still available school places, we practice a rolling admissions policy. After that, applicants are placed on a waiting list.Applications received after the last date, will be considered and accepted on a rolling, space-available basis.Please note that students applying for VG1 will be considered on the basis of their first semester grades from their last year at lower secondary school. Admission to VG2 is considered on the basis of grades from VG1, and to VG3 on the basis of grades from VG2. Applicants from lower secondary schools that are part of the Egill Danielsen Foundation, receive 0.4 bonus points.If the applicant is accepted, he or she will receive a contract and an invoice for payment of the advance on the tuition fees (20% of the yearly tuition fees). The contract is legally binding once it has been signed and the advance has been paid.Applicants can expect a reply from the first round of applications for VG1 before 1 April. For later admission rounds a rolling admissions policy applies.

VG2 and VG3

Students accepted for VG1 General Studies have the right to progress to VG2 and VG3, on the condition that they have passed the subjects they will continue to study.

Students also have the right to progress to VG2 Healthcare, Childhood and Youth Development, but if a student wishes to transfer to a different program, they will be admitted on the basis of their VG1 points. In Healthcare, Childhood and Youth Development, admissions are based on points from VG1.

VG2 school places in the USA are primarily awarded to students attending Danielsen Videregående Skole. Admissions are handled by the American schools. Read more about this elsewhere on our website.

Applicants from Danielsen’s own VG2 courses seeking to obtain a general university and college admission certification by attending a supplementary course, are awarded 0.4 bonus points. Applicants who wish to attend a full-time course (30 hours) are given priority over those who apply for a part-time course.

Practical training as part of the Health Work program

Trial Day?

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