Why Choose Us?

High quality teaching

The teaching at Danielsen is characterised by high academic quality. Many of our teachers have a master’s degree or a second degree in one of the subjects they teach, and they have pedagogical competence making them highly qualified. In order to offer the best possible teaching, the school has focused on an organised and extensive cooperation between the teachers, for instance in relation to assessment practices. Different internal and external courses for teachers in subjects, method and pedagogy are also emphasised by the school.

A Wide Range of Programme Subjects

We have one of Bergen’s widest ranges of program subjects for General Studies. Read more here.

This photograph was taken by Aeron Ray Jahr during a study trip to London for students of English at VG3 level.


Right In the Middle of Bergen

We are located in a grand, modern and historical building in Nygaten, right in the middle of Bergen.

The Research Programme

On the Research Programme, the pupils’ interest in natural sciences are encouraged through exciting research projects and a good learning environment. The programme subject technology and theory of research (TOF1) in VG1 focuses on theory of research and explorative work methods. The research pupils go on a study trip to Odda in VG1, in addition to other local study trips.


KRIK specialisation

The programme subject recreational sports is taken in VG1 as part of the KRIK specialisation. Five additional classes with physical activity each week can motivate otherwise active pupils to accomplish more and master the other school subjects even better. A number of excursions throughout the year where physical activity and interdisciplinary activities are central, providing well-being and a good learning environment.

Subject day every Thursday

Subject days take place every Thursday. The pupils have one subject before lunch, and another subject after lunch. As a pupil, you can in this way avoid having to prepare for so many subjects. The subject days also provide the opportunity to make use of the city’s cultural offers or delve into the subject through various projects.



Study environment

Our school is known for having a great environment.  The pupils enjoy their time at the school, and many of the applicants choose us because of the good school environment. The pupils say that they experience a safe environment here and that they can be themselves. The school focuses on a good learning environment by organising trips, excursions, activity days and different happenings throughout the year.


Homework Assistance

Every Tuesday from 2 PM to 3:30 PM and Wednesday from 3:45 PM to 5 PM, students are offered homework assistance at school. A science/math teacher will always be present at these sessions. On Wednesdays, the students will also be offered a warm meal before homework begins.

Your own Apple Mac Computer

Tuitions fees at Danielsen Videregående Skole include mandatory rental of an Apple Mac computer, which is handed out to the student at the beginning of their first school year. After three years at Danielsen Videregående Skole, students are allowed to keep their Apple Mac computer. Students of Healthcare, Childhood and Youth Development are allowed to keep the computer after two years at the school if they continue in apprenticeships.

School Trips Abroad

For students at Danielsen Videregående Skole, there are plenty of opportunities to travel abroad on school trips. Germany, France, the UK, Spain and the US are relevant destinations for students, depending on their program subjects.

School trip to Berlin. This is in Potsdam.

VG2 in the USA

Are you interested in spending a school year in the US, but do not want to study for an extra year when you get back? This is your opportunity! Spend your VG2 year at one of our two sister schools in the US, and then continue at VG3 level here at Danielsen when you are back in Norway.

The photograph shows boarding school life at Hillcrest Lutheran Academy.

Partner School University of Bergen

Danielsen Videregående Skole is a partner school with the University of Bergen, in addition to being a member of the University’s network for Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

One of our teachers, Arnt Frode Stava, is also employed by the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Bergen. At the University, he also teaches supplementary education courses in Mathematics for teachers.